Towns & Villages

We have a number of beautiful towns an villages in the Ballyhoura Region.


Set at the foothills of the Galtee Mountains, Mitchelstown, in County Cork, is within a mile of counties Limerick and Tipperary, and enjoys strong influences from each county. To its north are spectacular views of the Galtee mountains – Ireland’s highest inland range – and the Mitchelstown Caves, one of the most impressive caves to be seen in Ireland. Mitchelstown has a number of boutiques and restaurants and well worth a visit. 


The village of Kildorrery owes its origins to a church, mentioned in 1302 in the papal taxation records of Pope Boniface VIII. In the late 1700s, the Earls of Kingston began work on laying out the present village. By 1837, Kildorrery had 90 houses, a constabulary barracks and a medical dispensary. Fairs for selling cattle, sheep and pigs were held in May, June, September and November. The modern parish of Kildorrery is made up of five mediaeval parishes – Carrigdownane, Farahy, Kildorrery, Nathlash and Templemolagga. Saint Bartholomew’s parish church was built in 1838. The village today is beautifully maintained thanks to many years involvement in the Tidy Towns competition. Tourism information can be sought at the community office in the renovated thatched house on main street, also home to the fab Thatch & Thyme restaurant, well worth a visit for lunch!!


The town stands on the northern slope of Knockahur hill, which rises by a gentle slope from the river and gradually ascends to a rocky prominence. However, it was not this rocky prominence but one near the graveyard of Oldcourt which together with an ancient fort built thereon, gave the town its name, Doneraile, i.e. “Dún ar Aill”, meaning “the fort on the cliff”. Doneraile is home to the magnificent Doneraile Court & Park, a day can be spent here at the children's playground, enjoying the walks and of course the coffee and cake in the Tearooms. Doneraile town itself is well worth visiting as Doneraile is home to a number of lovely antique shops.




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